About Me

I’m an Australian freelance photographer living in Freiburg, the wonderful city in Germany’s south-west corner.

My great leap over to Germany in 2015 came from a long-held desire to live in and learn the language of another country. Additionally, I craved new experiences and to tackle new challenges. Life immersed in the beauty, history and culture of the Freiburg region has certainly answered this.

I have loved exploring the world with a camera since I was 18 in 2004. It has taken me to amazing places and provided new and thrilling experiences. I find deep satisfaction from creating beautiful images and prints for others to use or hang on the wall. Over the years I have read, experimented and learnt from those around me to hone my skills,

I am excited by new locations and by clever, creative and elegant architecture and design. I am fascinated by how a building sits within its surroundings and interacts with its occupants.

I am a keen follower of technological innovation. Through this and my previous life as a Solar PV-System designer and installation project manager I have developed an interest in and awareness of the technological, energy generation and energy efficiency aspects of our built environment.

In those few hours outside photography, I like to keep myself active and outdoors by running, rock climbing, hiking or skiing. Cars of the classic, racing and modern electric varieties also pique my interest.

Tom Bush Portrait
Boulderhalle Blockhaus Freiburg

My Photography

I value bright, clean, crisp, detailed and honest images.

I’m relaxed, casual, easy going, polite, observant, careful and precise. This gives me an eye for the subtle, an ability to see patterns, structure and colour as well as the movement of people in their built and non-built environments

I photograph with a full frame Nikon DSLR camera system including tilt-shift lenses. I also rent specialty equipment if required for the project.